OFMN Producer / Maker Connect

OFMN Connect is a service to connect Farm Market Producers in Ohio with Farm Market Makers.  


Makers have expressed a desire and willingness to buy products from local producers.  Often they do not know who to contact in their area and end up buying from supermarkets and wholesalers who have greater visibility.  OFMN additionally recognizes that out-of-date, inaccurate and fraudulent information adds to the frustration and further costs producers sales that they didn’t even know they could have..

This switchboard contains a current listing of producers who agree to communicate with Makers and offer their goods for sale.  


Producers who hold a membership in OFMN are entitled to one free listing annually.  Members who have a second business can purchase additional listings for $5 per year.  Non-member producers may also purchase a listing for $5 per year.

The annual fee helps defray costs of the software and work devoted to keeping things working and up-to-date.  Refunds are not available.

Keeping it fresh

Producers are responsible to verify/update their listings once per year or as soon as a change is known.  

OFMN offers this service to connect producers with makers but does not participate in any transaction nor do we offer guarantees of delivery or services.  

Keeping it accurate and honest

Marker Managers and Makers may contact OFMN if they believe a producer has been dishonest, inaccurate or receives complaints.  The listing will be immediately removed and the producer will be contacted and may respond within 14 days to dispute the delisting.

Keeping it clean

.No foul or suggestive language is permitted.  Anyone who violates this policy wall be immediately delisted and appropriate action taken. 

Please check out the listings below and consider ALWAYS using local sources for your baked goods, woodworking or other needs.